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CoMA East Midlands is the Ensemble in Residence at Nottingham Trent University (Clifton campus). All are welcome to join in.

All musicicans are welcome to join. The ensemble is mixed and we welcome any instrument. You do need to be able to read music and be willing to use your voice (we often have pieces which include some vocalisation and/or singing but not all players will sing per se).  Your first rehearsal is free.  

CoMA East Midlands is the only music group in the East Midlands specialising in contemporary classical music for non-professionals. We are part of CoMA (Contempoarary Music for All) the only charity in Europe to specialise in this field.

Our main rehearsals (Thursdays)  and meetings for 2014-14 are the following:

September 4th 7-9pm Nottingham Trent University (Clifton Campus) Temporary music room at the back of New Hall Building (19 on the NTU map)

September 14th CoMA Inspires 11-1 (West Bridgford, email us if you want to come and need the address)

September 18th NTU

October 2nd as above

October 16th as above

November 2nd CoMA Inspires 11-1

November 6th NTU 

November 20th as above

December 4th as above

December 11th 'Christmas Cracker' - the only rule is you write a piece the night before the party. 

December 14th CoMA Inspires 11-2

January 5th NTU 7-9

January 19th as above

February 1st CoMA Inspires 11-2

February 5th NTU

February 19th as above

March 5th as above and AGM after the rehearsal

March 15th CoMA Inspires 11-1

March 19th NTU

April 2nd as above

April 16th as above

May 3rd CoMA Inspires 11-1

May 7th NTU

May 21st as above

June 4th as above

June 18th as above

June 28th all day rehearsal play day to be confirmed

July 2nd as aove


CoMA East Midlands Ensemble's musical director is Kieran O'Riordan. A percussionist, conductor and founder of the renowned Nottingham University Wind Orchestra, Kieran is also a core member of the Leciestershire Arts music provision.


If you're interested in coming to a rehearsal, you can just pop along or email the co-ordinator, Anna Claydon on

We don't ask people to pay unless they want to for a first rehearsla but if you decide to play with the ensemble you must join CoMA formally. Membership in CoMA is called being a Friend of CoMA and there are various levels but membership benefits are:

a) being able to participate in a CoMA ensemble and events

b) getting money off some CoMA events (such as the Summer School, where non-members pay a little more)

c) being part of a network of contemporary music information

d) regular CoMA newsletters

On an ensemble level, your membership and subs pay for rehearsal and performance costs but every player has their own music to take away during rehearsals and access to the CoMA East Midlands library if they need to borrow something (the library is stored at our rehearsal venue)

Membership of CoMA is two stage:


£36 (ordinary membership)  annual CoMA national membership. You join via the link to the main CoMA site below. All CoMA members receive the regular newsletter and other benefits.

This gives you all the benefits of being part of the national organisation, of which one is playing in the ensembles.


This pays for the costs of running the ensemble.

Subs for 2014-15

Separately £6 (Kieran), £5 (non-Kieran), £2 (CoMA Inspires), £10 (full day rehearsals). Concessions 50% of the above prices.

In advance for all four components £140/£70

In advance minus CoMA Inspires £130/£65

Termly payments are also available as are other variants (e.g. Kieran rehearsals only etc...) - ask us for further details.

By paying in advance, you save a minimum of £3 (concessionary, Kieran rehearsals only) and a maximum of £23 (full rate all in). The more people that pay in advance (whether termly or annually) the better we can plan and commit to events in the future and we're sure you'll be wanting us to keep being active and trying to get a performance for more than once a year.

If you were to attend anything in addition to your advance payment, we would ask you contribute the separate subs amount for that session.

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